Fuel Card

When you partner with Treadstone Capital, we’ll help you save on Fuel.  We know that one of your biggest expenses is fuel and we want to help you save as much as we can to help your bottom line.  With our EFS fuel card, you’ll pay lower than the cash price at the pump with savings available at over 5,000 locations and with all major truck stops.

Here is a summary of the card benefits:

  • Money from Treadstone Capital is immediately loaded onto your fuel card and can be funded on Saturdays
  • You can control how your drivers spend your money by placing daily and weekly spending limits and allowing only certain types of purchases
  • You receive online access to view your card activity, fuel purchases, and tools that helps make filing your IFTA reports very easy
  • You can withdraw cash at an ATM or have money transferred to an EFS Check to pay other bills
  • Mobile App to check balances, find fuel locations, view reports, much more.
  • It’s accepted at over 5,000 locations in the US and Canada?

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